About Reaching Higher

At some point everyone reaches a moment when they realize that they want to go further and Reach Higher! This is it for us, reaching out of our comfort zone to do what we love….

our moment to create & build something of our own. 

Since traveling is such a big part of our job, we decided to combine some of our unique finds from all over the world and incorporate them into our recycled and handmade designs. We found many things from the mountains, islands, beaches and even in the wild.      We want to help you set the mood for a great ambiance with positive energy in your home and life style.  Everything we create is very personal and special to us  and our goal is for you to feel the love and energy we put into each product. 

About Marilia

Born and raised in San Paulo, Brazil.

Her passion for communication led her to get a degree in marketing and advertising, and a specialization in cultural journalism.

Meanwhile her modeling and TV hosting career, allowed her to see and live new experiences all around the globe.

She moved to Los Angeles in 2010 and started a new cycle of her life, modeling locally and abroad, TV hosting for Latin America and developing an old passion.. Arts and Crafts!

About Krystle

Raised in Queens, New York, a seeker of adventure and fulfiller of curiosity, never did she think she was going to fulfill her dream so early on in life of traveling the world and especially doing it through modeling. Modeling has changed her life and has had many unexpected journeys along the way but she felt it was time to make California her home and tap into her passion to create.

About Us

As a model it’s really hard to predict what might happen next, whether its the next job, the next country or the next encounter. As for us….  little did we know that our modeling trip to Germany would lead us years later on the journey to Reaching Higher.

As jewelry lovers we found it hard to find exactly what we wanted so we decided to create our own. Not long after this passion took over and reaching higher came about.